SHOP LIVE. SELL LIVE. is a new way to buy and sell through live online broadcasts. 

Shoppers can discover and support small business everywhere, as the owners host live TV events to showoff their unique and interesting merchandise. No need to buy based on a static, one dimensional photo! You can talk directly to the owner or maker in real time to make informed purchasing decisions. It’s almost like being in the store!

Local business owners and artisans, you have the opportunity to host your own shows answering questions in real time and making a real connection with your customers. 

... for Shoppers

ShopPopUp combines the in-store experience with the convenience of online shopping and the excitement of live TV! Participate in any of our live broadcasts to discover unique local businesses and artisans from across the country.  Ask questions in real time. Want to see something up close? Just ask! Want to see the finish or detail? Just ask! No more relying on static one dimensional photos to make your purchase decision.  

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... for Sellers

Why just sell online when you can host your own TV show? Use the power of product demonstration and your amazing personality to connect with potential customers in realtime. ShopPopUp integrates the best of in-store and online shopping. And the best part?  No tech expertise, equipment or investment required!

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