Small Businesses Find an Online Home at

Small Businesses Find an Online Home at
Shopping online has become more popular than ever.  In the past year, e-commerce has seen a 45 percent increase with no end in sight!  And why not? Consumers love the convenience!
As the Amazons, Targets and Walmarts of the world gain stronger footholds in the online world, one has to wonder, how will small businesses find the e-commerce muscle to compete with the big guys? What are their creative, alternative routes to serve existing customers and find a broader base of new customers?

ShopPopUp: Livestream sellingWatch LIVE


  is an exciting new way for small businesses to take advantage of online selling. Our marketplace features emerging and minority-owned businesses hosting their own livestream broadcasts! Hosting a show on allows small business owners to virtually re-create the warmth of the in-store experience with the convenience of online shopping.  

From a tech side, the site has some amazing bells and whistles including live interactive chat and the ability for viewers to buy without ever leaving the show!

LIVE shopping on is a fun and exciting way for buyers to support small business as well.  A recent poll showed that more than half of U.S. consumers with internet access now shop online at least once a month and 80 percent of online shoppers prefer it because of the variety of brands and products that are offered. With ShopPopUp’s array of hosts that sell everything from hot sauce to designer clothing, it’s the perfect place to find unique products, get to know the owners and support small business.ShopPopUp’s hosts are fun personalities creating live shows that entertain and educate.  And shoppers are loving it!

  “The makers who sell on ShopPopUp are extremely talented, and their items always make great gifts,”

Seller hosting an online LIVE show

“It’s so cool to be able to interact directly with the seller during the live event!”
This positive feedback is echoed by many others who enjoy interacting and experiencing our livestream broadcasts.There’s no doubt livestreaming on creates a more welcoming, personal experience for shoppers and sellers alike.  Join our community supporting small business and shopping live!. Check out today.  


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