For The Best Fit

For Shoppers ...

MySizeID is an easy-to-use smartphone-based sizing solution. To use, simply download the app at the App Store (Apple) or Google Play Store (Android). Once downloaded, you will be prompted to sign up, enter your personal information and take your measurements with a guided tutorial. In under 5 minutes you’ll know your perfect fit with our brand partners!

For Hosts ...

MySizeID is smartphone based accurate sizing solution that helps you as a retailer reduce returns and increase conversions. It’s easy to install and easy for your customers to use.

Install our app via the Shopify marketplace. Uploading your size charts is easy, and if you don’t have size charts, we can create them for you!

Installing MySizeID on your e-commerce site is easy:
  • Provide us with your sizing charts for all relevant clothing categories
  • Send us your logo and branding assets for a personalized app experience
  • Add our code to your website
For more information or to contact us for assistance visit