Halon Coat - Long - Navaj
Halon Coat - Long - Navaj
Halon Coat - Long - Navaj
Halon Coat - Long - Navaj

Halon Coat - Long - Navaj

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The Halona Women’s Full Length Coat – (Means Happy Fortune)

Halona means Happy Fortune and it’s an understatement, I know you will be so happy to wear her all the time!

Style No. HLNA – FLL - NVJ

Fabric Color: Navaj 

It just takes one look at this coat, but wait, if you wear this coat, you can expect some long stares are you, heads will turn in this stunning coat.

She is every bit stunning, regal, voguish, sophisticated! One of my most favorite creations and I think you will love this.

Bit of Sante Fe / Aztez / Southwest all in one great look.

I kept this styling coat very simple, uncomplicated, with a soft raised collar!

That’s all you need to wrap you in this dazzling softness, feels like velvet textured fabric.

  • Lightweight, 60% cotton / 30 acrylic / 10 poly,

  • Side Inset pockets

  • Detailing simply and elegantly done our signature Blanket Stitching on bottom of coat and sleeve is all you need.

  • Can cuff up sleeve

  • This is Custom Made To Order. State your size you want, Small - Medium - Large. We will ship within 7 to 14 days after we recieve your measurements, of how long you want the coat to be and your sleeve length. Please email us your email so we can send you our measurement form. Why custom made? Because we want to insure as best as possible to get the right sleeve length and body length.

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