Lola Sweater Coat - Dolphin Blue
Lola Sweater Coat - Dolphin Blue

Lola Sweater Coat - Dolphin Blue

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Lola Sweater Coat – Dolphin Blue

Style No. LSCT – DLP BLU

Custom Made To Order  (CMTO)

NOTE: We will email you our measurement form, so that we get the right length for you per the sleeves and body length as close as possible. Please email us  with your's and color preference other than this  Blue or other colors you see listed here.

Hand knitted by a blue ribbon knitter, I had this luxurious sweater coat replicated from a vintage wool n poly sweater coat I was gifted in 1985. No matter where or when I wore this, women would approach me even while I am dining out and come up to me in the restaurant and compliment, and inquire where I got my lovely sweater coat.

So I found an excellent knitter and we worked on this for several months.

This divine sweater coat is hand knitted in acrylic and mohair. It is not itchy at all, you will love the softness and how lightweight it is.

Comes with a sweater bag for storage and travel.