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Amazing Hazel's Original Zesty Bloody Mary Mix "To Go"

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Hazel’s Premium Zesty Bloody Mary Mix is the 2nd product to join our family.  Is origins were birthed out of a need to be more socially and environmentally responsible as Dave was sickened by the amount of juice lost in the making of the Chili Sauce, watching great product and wasted dollars go down the drain. As the juices started flowing (literally), he took his passion and love for using healthy all natural ingredients and created what is now our best selling product to date. Like our other products, this mix is full of flavor and zest and has a key differential factor.  All natural, vegan, fat free, gluten free AND lower in sodium than many of our competitors, you will immediately taste the difference.  Unlike your traditional Bloody Mary Mix (BMM),  this mix is made to drink plain or with your favorite vodka, gin, or alcohol of your choosing. A thicker consistency with a course small chop of veggies including fresh cooked ginger, this mix will hold up in your glass.  Taste the difference and you will see why this has come our #1 selling product.

This is a 12oz, to-go, purse size, gym bag, quick fix when you need a savory, healthy alternative.  You don't have to add alcohol to enjoy.