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Amazing Hazel's Kickin' Cayenne Hot Sauce

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Amazing Hazel’s Hot Sauces are quickly becoming a fan favorite and sell out as quickly as we can get produced. Kickin' Cayenne was our first attempt at a hot sauce.  It was good, really good, but not exactly what we had wanted as there are so many hot sauces on the market.  At Hazel's, we aim to be different, unique, where you really can taste the difference.  So we went back to the cooking pot and have now landed on what we think is pretty special. Kickin' Cayenne will kick it up a notch without burning so much you can't taste the flavor.  We are pretty proud of this little guy for hanging on and taking the heat as we perfected him.  

Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar, filtered water, ginger, spices, and cayenne peppers.