Learn How To Wire Sculpt with Jewelry Making Instructor Alexa
Learn How To Wire Sculpt with Jewelry Making Instructor Alexa

Learn How To Wire Sculpt with Jewelry Making Instructor Alexa

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Welcome to my Wire Sculpting Class

In my class, you will learn how to sculpt wire on several levels with only a few tools needed like wire cutters and needle-nose pliers for closing the end loops and even these are optional.

Wire sculpting is a technique that you can do anywhere because you only use the strength and the maneuverability of your hands and fingers. We will be exclusively working with several gauges of copper wire and only wire cutters.

You may or may not have heard of wire sculpting. I am sure it's been around for thousands of years. I discovered this craft a couple of years back while I was playing with copper wire as I so often do. I wanted to try out something new while I was working on an order and that's how I discovered the wire sculpting technique.

Wire Sculpting is done with your hands and does not need exact measurements just thereabouts, which itself can be very freeing. We will work with copper wire, which will help those with rheumatism or arthritis, or any other stiff joint problem to become more flexible.

With this said, I hope you will join me in my little home studio and enjoy the over-the-shoulder view learning perspective.

What you will learn :

Learn at your own leisure to handle the wire learn how to sculpt wire on different levels.

With this skill and technique practiced,  you will be able to make the beautiful wire sculpted jewelry component shown here and many more designs. I am sure you will enjoy this class! So  let's get wire sculpting!

This online video jewelry-making class has been in it's entirety  produced by me, Alexa Martha.

As a Bonus when you sign up today I will sent you all the materials you will need. The wire and the Swarovski Crystal tear drop as well. You will only have to supply two tools as shown in the  video.